Chinese Traditional Medicine Health Preservation Series

From 31 August to 3 September, “Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Preservation Exhibition” was co-hosted by Shanghai Museum of TCM, Subsidiary of Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, China Cultural Centre and Singapore Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre. The forum attracted over 200 delegates from Singapore medicine industry, including the Curator of the Museum, Gu Youmei; Director of the China Cultural Centre, Ma Hongying; as well as Medical Supervisor of Bao Zhong Tang TCM Center, Chua Geok Chuan.

Keynote speakers at the forum are four professors in TCM, Sun Zhuojun, Yu Jian’er, Yan Shiyun, Fan Zhongze (left to right).

TCM Health Preservation Exhibition presented the Chinese health preservation culture from four dimensions - namely the environment, diet, workout routines as well as human meridian. The event shared some of TCM’s most remarkable accomplishments with health. It attracted publics who were interested in awareness of health preservation.

The organizer also specially prepared a series of interactive activities to engage the audience in a profound TCM experience, including Qigong practice, fragrant sachet and moxa stick making, etc.

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