Exhibition on Chinese ballet held in Singapore

Xiao Jianghua, head of the China Cultural Center, said ballet has seen robust development in China though it was born in the West. He said he hopes the event will help local people understand Chinese inheritance of the age-old art form.



'Cultural and Tourism Year of Jiangsu' begins in Singapore





To create a series of multi-level brand activities for different audiences, give full play to the unique advantages of cultural diplomacy, and constantly expand the attractiveness and influence of the center. The pursuit of professional standards,
Careful organization to provide high quality service and cultural activities to the public;

“Happy Chinese New Year” is a large-scale event organised by the Ministry of Culture, China, in conjunction with relevant authorities. It celebrates the Spring Festival with Chinese people all over the world. The Centre hosts joyous activities that broadcast Chinese values of family ties and harmony. We also collaborate actively with local Chinese New Year events, using this platform to create a dynamic relationship with cultural institutions in Singapore, showcasing a positive image of China’s modern culture and peaceful development.

Every year, the Centre selects a province from China which has close political, economic and cultural ties with Singapore, and organizes a province-themed Cultural Year. We collaborate with the provincial government to present events such as performances, exhibitions and cuisine sampling, giving an all-rounded display of provincial culture.

The China-Singapore Children’s Arts Festival is a comprehensive cultural event tailored to teenagers, children and families in Singapore, aiming to cultivate their interest in Chinese culture. Children are delighted by the array of activities such as children’s drama, exhibitions, forums, theatre workshops on campus, and Chinese nursery rhymes writing competition.

The Centre collaborates with institutions in Singapore to organize Mid-Autumn concerts and activities themed “Guqin, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, wine, flowers and tea”. We pass on the Mid-Autumn traditions and share in the values of joy and harmony.

About us

The establishment of a cultural centre is an important symbol of the further deepening of bilateral relations. It aims to strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and enhance mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. Since the 1980s, China began to set up cultural centres abroad, and the past decade has seen rapid development. To date, there is a total of 30 China Cultural Centres worldwide, including 11 in Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Malta, Russia, Denmark, Belgian, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands and Belarus ), 10 in Asia (Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore and Vietnam), 5 in Africa (Mauritius, Benin, Egypt, Nigeria and Tanzania), 3 in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji) and 1 in Latin America (Mexico).



About us

China Cultural Centre is located in the area adjacent to the Singapore, Nanyang Academy of fine arts, National Library, Singapore Art Museum and other cultural institutions. The center is equipped with exhibition halls, theaters, libraries, classrooms and other facilities to provide sufficient protection for the cultural activities.


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