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In November 2015, President Xi Jinping paid an official state visit to Singapore. The two countries established an “All- Round Cooperative Partnership. During the historic visit, President Xi Jinping and Emeritus Senior Minister of Singapore Mr. Goh Chok Tong jointly inaugurated the China Cultural Centre, unveiling a new chapter of China- Singapore relations.

Standing tall and upright, China Cultural Centre is located in Singapore’s Arts and Heritage District and is close to numerous cultural institutions such as Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, National Library and Singapore Art Museum. Designed by Dr. Liu Thai Ker, hailed as Singapor es Father of Urban Planning, the Centre is a perfect modern interpretation to the colour, proportion and elements of traditional Chinese architecture.

China Cultural Centre comprises of the Podium Builidng, Tower, glass-panelled elevator, corridor and main ceiling. The overall architecture symbolises a theatre stage of a city’s art and culture and its style is a modern interpretation to the colour, proportion and elements of traditional Chinese architecture.

      The facade wall of the Centre is made of solemn grey granite accompanied by off-white texture with Chinese elements; the glass-panelled elevator, open corridor and lights on the bucket arch are not only the highlight of the whole Centre’s design, but also embody the extensiveness and modernity of Chinese architecture; the compact layout is also complemented by four sight terraces themed accordingly as leisure, vibrancy, gathering and appreciation as with traditional Chinese parks. The Centre occupies an area of 1352.6 m and has an area of structure of 8,900 m with ten floors.

Brand activities of China Cultural Centre

Happy Chinese New Year : "Happy Chinese New Year" is a worldwide activity celebrating the traditional Chinese Spring Festival. In 2016, over 2,100 cultural activities were held in over 400 cities across more than 140 countries and regions. People around the world have a chance to encounter traditional Chinese culture through the events.

Cultural YearCultural Year is one of the brand activities of China Cultural Centre.Through a series of provincial cultural year activities hold on an annual basis, public are able to gain a deeper understanding of the local customs and unique histories.

China- Singapore Children’s Arts Festival: In the hope of strengthening China-Singapore art and cultural exchanges at the children’s level, the China Cultural Centre will host the Children’s Art Festival. A variety of activities, including an artistic performance, exhibitions and seminar, will be presented. 

A Moment We Share“A Moment We Share” is a prominent cultural brand initiated by China’s Ministry of Culture around the world. Taking the opportunity of celebrating China’s traditional Mid-autumn Festival, the cultural brand aims at exhibiting Chinese culture and customs, and providing foreign Chinese and Chinese culture-lovers with a chance to do study and exchange programmes.

Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children:  

Relying on the high- quality educational resources from China National Theatre for Children, Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children was established with an aim of popularising arts education and to spread Chinese traditional culture.We adhered to the orientation of speaking Chinese, telling Chinese stories and performing Chinese classical dramas for children, and provided arts training courses for kids aged 5 - 12 in Singapore.

Other Activities : Knocking on Beijing Opera’s Door - Tian Ping Talks About Opera and Male “Dan” , Teochew Opera - “Flowers of South China” blossom in Singapore , Second Singapore International Opera Festival , China Cultural Centre Facilitates the Holding of the “Voice of China” in Singapore , The “Water Cube Cup” Chinese Song Competition for Overseas Chinese Teenagers , “Jasmine” Dulcimer Ensemble Came onto Singapore’s Stage , CCTV ‘s Voice , China Traditional Sports and Fitness Training Class , Chinese Super League Football Games Broadcast Live in Singapore, Global Chinese Network Host Competition Singapore Division Grand Final ,

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China Cultural Centre is located in the area adjacent to the Singapore, Nanyang Academy of fine arts, National Library, Singapore Art Museum and other cultural institutions. The center is equipped with exhibition halls, theaters, libraries, classrooms and other facilities to provide sufficient protection for the cultural activities.


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