Upcoming events of September

Discover China: "Chinese Folk Literature and Art and Singapore Chinese Culture Shaping"- Cultural Lecture & Book Launch

The event will introduce change and spread of Opera and ballad(Nanyin music and folk songs) in Singapore, observe the old and new immigrants’ contribution to Singapore Chinese Culture and analyze and summarize the transformation and shaping of the cultural identity of Singaporean Chinese.

Keynote speaker:Koh Chin Yee
Time:14:00-17:00, September 1st
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:South Seas Society(Singapore)
Supported by:China Cultural Centre

The 13th International Calligraphy Exchange Singapore Exhibition 2018

Time:11:00-17:30, September 1st-7th, closed on Mondays
Venue:2nd Floor, Exhibition Hall, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore/International Calligraphers' Federation
Sponsored by:National Arts Council/China Cultural Centre/Lee Foundation/Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Free admission to the public during opening hours.

Final Round of the Voice of Cantonese(Singapore) 2018
Time:14:00-17:00, September 2nd
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:Ding Rong Holdings Ltd.
Co-organized by:HaveFun KTV/ScoutSG

Supported by:China Cultural Centre/Singapore Kwangtung Huikuan/Guangdong Enterprise Association (Singapore)/Kowloon Club/Singapore—Hong Kong Business Association/Singapore Shaanxi Association

China Cultural Centre Chen Zao Book Club——Where did the time go?

Time:10:00-13:00, September 8th
Venue:6th Floor, Library, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:China Cultural Centre/Chen Zao Book Club Singapore

A Moment We Share - Ruan and Ejoy Concert

The concert will be an integration of Chinese and western music, including the familiar Liangliang, Green Flower Porcelain, the widespread Fishermen's Song Of The Evening, Whisper from Pipa, English song Wolves and Zheng work A Moonlit Night on the Spring River and so on.

Time:17:00-18:00, September 9th
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:Singapore Ruan Ensemble/Ejoy Music Center
Supported by:China Cultural Centre

A Moment We Share - Singapore Chinese Youth Cultural Night

Time:18:00-21:00, September 15th
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:Singa-China Association
Co-organized by:China Cultural Centre
Supported by:Embassy of the P. R. China in Singapore

A Moment We Share - Discover China:

Stories in Lights and Shadows - the Belt and Road Initiative and the Development of Chinese Film and Television

The lecture covers the history of Chinese film and television, the status and trends of Chinese film and television industry and Belt and Road and Chinese film and Television, etc.
The lecture will begin at 15:00, September 16th, after which the film Dying to Survive will be shown at 18:30-20:30 (free of charge). It is only open to the audiences of the lecture due to limited seats.
There's no need to sign up for the movie separately.


China Cultural Centre will arrange a series of popular Chinese films from September 11th on 4th Floor (free of charge), welcome to sign up!

Screening schedule

19:30—21:30, September 11th The Shaolin Temple
19:30—21:30, September 12th Rumble Bronx
19:30—21:30, September 13th Operation Red Sea
19:30—21:30, September 14th Wolf Warriors 2
10:00—12:00, September 15th Youth
12:30—14:30, September 15th Animal World
10:00—12:00, September 16th Hidden Man

Seats are limited to 240 each time, successful registration will recieve Email notification.

Keynote speaker:Ding Yaping,Director of the Institute of Film and Television Arts Chinese National Academy of Arts
Time:15:00, September 16th
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:China Cultural Centre/Network of International Culturalink Entities/Chinese National Academy of Arts
Supported by:Cultural Office of the Embassy of the P. R. China in Singapore

A Moment We Share - Experimental Cantonese Opera "Farewell My Concubine" (New Adaptation)

Time:19:30, September 21st/15:00, September 22nd
Venue:4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by:China Cultural Centre
Presented and Produced by:westKowloon Xiqu Centre
Co-organized by:Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office in Singapore

A Moment We Share - 'Handicraft in Jiangnan' Intangible Cultural Heritage International Exhibition Tour in Singapore  

Time:11:00-17:30, September 22nd to October 14th, closed on Mondays
Launch Time:10:30, September 22nd
Venue:2nd Floor, Exhibition Hall, China Cultural Centre
Directed by:Information Office of Shanghai Municipality
Organized by:Shanghai Century Publishing(Group) Co., Ltd
Operated by:Shanghai Duoyunxuan(Group) Co., Ltd
Co-organized by:China Cultural Centre/Jin Long Tang/Tu Ding chinaware/Shanghai C&D Art Design Co.LTD
Free admission to the public during opening hours.

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