Upcoming events of April

1.Movies China 

The Monkey King

Time: 11:00,6 April

Venue: 4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre

2.Expert's Lecture - You Jin: Life and Creation

Time: 19:00-21:00 , 9 April
Venue: 4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
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Organized by: Wang Learning Centre Pte Ltd, LINGZI MEDIA
Supported by: China Cultural Centre

3.Beijing College Student Film Festival(Southeast Asia) 
Time: 15:00, 20 April
Venue: 4th Floor, Theatre, China Cultural Centre
Organized by: Beijing Normal University
Operated by: Shelton College International
Supported by: China Cultural Centre

4.Three Countries’ Artistic Dialogue - Fang Chuxiong, Lin Ziping, Zhong Zhengchuan Ink Painting Exhibition 
Exhibition time: 20 April - 10 May

Venue: 2nd Floor, Exhibition Hall, China Cultural Centre
Opening Ceremony: 14:00, 20 April
Organized by: China Cultural Centre, Singapore Fine Arts Association, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Chinese Painting College
Operated by: Singapore Red Art Centre
Co-organized by:  Contemporary Art Research Association, Zhongyou International Art Exchange Institute
Supported by: Chinese Embassy in Singapore

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China Cultural Centre is located in the area adjacent to the Singapore, Nanyang Academy of fine arts, National Library, Singapore Art Museum and other cultural institutions. The center is equipped with exhibition halls, theaters, libraries, classrooms and other facilities to provide sufficient protection for the cultural activities.


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